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LGBTQ+ partners and families

Same-sex couples and their families deserve the same legal recognition, rights, and protections as everyone else.


The LGBTQ+ community has fought for decades for their relationships and their families to be recognized under the law and treated with respect. But these hard-won gains, including the right to marry, are under attack. 

Lambda Legal stands up for the rights of LGBTQ+ relationships and families. We’ve stood at the forefront of the fight for the freedom to marry. We’ve defended LGBTQ+ would-be parents who were denied the ability to open their hearts and homes to children—whether they wanted to adopt, foster, or seek fertility treatments. And we’ve ended the criminalization of same-sex relationships.

Cases on family protections.

David Dinan and Vikranth (“Vik”) Gongidi pose for a photo in their home with their children
Clients Jennifer and Matt Cousins pose in their home with their children

Fast Facts

Nearly 6 million

The number of Americans who have an LGBTQ+ parent 


Same-sex couples are four times more likely to have adopted children or stepchildren

More than 1 in 5

The number of LGBTQ+ Americans who live in a state that allows child welfare agencies to refuse to place children with them.