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Need help understanding your rights as an LGBTQ+ person or someone living with HIV? Click here to visit our virtual Help Desk.

Join the Liberty Circle

The Liberty Circle is a dedicated community of people committed to partnering with Lambda Legal to achieve full recognition of the civil rights of the LGBTQ+ community and everyone living with HIV.

Learn more about membership levels and benefits below.


The generosity of Liberty Circle members sustains our legal and advocacy work—and it has helped unlock decades of progress for LGBTQ+ people and everyone living with HIV. But as attacks against our community increase—from Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay or Trans” law to the criminalization of doctors who help trans youth access gender-affirming care—we need more Lambda Legal supporters like you to step up and join the fight. When you join the Liberty Circle, you join Lambda Legal’s top tier of donors in committing to advance work that is more necessary than ever.

Contribute $1,500 or more to become a member of the Liberty Circle program. Your contribution can be made in single or monthly installments, and it is tax-deductible to the furthest extent of the law. As a member, you will enjoy special member benefits* in recognition of your commitment.

To join today or to receive more information about membership, please reach out to our Liberty Circle Manager, Amanda Boyajian, at or (646) 307-7418.

Membership Levels and Benefits

    • Lambda Legal Indigo Liberty Circle Pin
    • Invitations to private Liberty Circle regional appreciation events
    • Quarterly email updates from CEO
    • Invitation to annual State of the Movement call with CEO
    • Access to dedicated Liberty Circle Manager
  • All the above plus:

    • Invite to exclusive Supreme Court term preview
    • Special gift from Lambda Legal
    • Access to dedicated Major Gifts Officer
  • All the above plus:

    • Premium gift from Lambda Legal
    • Private access to Virtual Education opportunities
  • All the above plus:

    • Invitation to Winter, Spring, and Fall program updates (virtual or in person)
  • All the above plus:

    • Private insider briefing with CEO (virtual or in person)
  • All the above plus:

    • Customized benefits based on individual donor interests