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Tia Hollins

Atlanta, GA

Tia Hollins is from Atlanta, GA, and graduated from the University of Georgia in 2017 with a bachelor’s in International Affairs, a minor in French, and a certificate in Global Studies. She grew up in Stone Mountain, GA with her parents and older sister. As a child, Tia had a lot of random interests, ranging from animals to forensic science; to this day, she’s thankful for her parents indulging in all her endeavors. Tia has a strong affinity for music, so you can almost always find her with headphones in, listening to a song that’s been stuck in her head for the 50th time to pick apart the music production.

If you happen to catch Tia not trying to flee the country and start a new life abroad, she’s usually happy in her safe space of a home she’s created. Otherwise, Tia’s running up my passport stamps, checking out a new restaurant, or enjoying the various art mediums that Atlanta has to offer. She also likes to color my hair vibrant colors and cover herself in tattoos. “I’ve always been a little quirky, but I realized those eccentricities are what make me, me.” -Tia Hollins